Monday, November 24, 2008

Well, I didn't win the House Mouse contest. I'm totally bummed and don't feel like playing in anything ever again. How's that for a poor loser. I never win anything. Poop. :o( Does that mean that I really suck, or that there are a ton of other people entering too, and being hit with lightening is more likely than winning? hehehe.

Any ways, the winner card is above, my house mouse card is below. I still like my card better, so that's all that matters. The winner's name is Beth Scott. You can see her gallery here.



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donatelloh said...

That SUCKS!!! I'm bummed too now. But please, don't stop entering contests. It's whatever mood the judge is in when they are making the decision. They probably were thinking of Christmas when they chose the winner. You don't know what their agenda was either. Perhaps they have a shit load of that stamp to sell and as I've seen in the past, items used in a sample are usually the first to sell out. So, please, please, please keep entering those contests and send those cards into publications. We all know your work is outstanding and the more you send the more your winning odds increase. OK?

D :D