Monday, November 24, 2008

Hi everyone, 

sorry about not posting a card today. I had to undergo chemo and then parencentesis which is a procedure where they stick a needle in the side of my stomach to drain the extra fluid out of the cavity. Fun stuff huh? I wish that they knew what was causing the extra fluid to build up, but they don't. They just say that it's all part of being stage 4 cancer. The chemo does slow it down, so that's good. 

I did find a JoAnn's Fabric store locally. I didn't know that we had one. The stamping section was kind of hurting, but I ended buying 2 of the $1.00 sets that were clear and for Christmas. Oh, and at Michael's I finally bought a "Stamp-in-ma-jig." That should be fun to use. Maybe my stamping will be neater now. LOL....

Until next time, 


Alena :o)

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donatelloh said...

Don't feel you need to apologize Alena. You're going through a lot and although we are your adoring fans, waiting for your artwork is well worth it.

I'm sorry they can't give you an answer about the excess fluid. I wish I had one for you.

Glad you have a local Joann now, but sorry it's stamp section is lacking. Perhaps you can convince them to beef it up?

I can't believe you've been making all your cards without a positioner. Holy cow! you are good! If I didn't use one you'd think I was stamping with my feet! Though, that might be a good look for me! LOL

D :D